April R2 (4.0.23041.0)

What’s new?

  • When the users change their preferred language, all the column headers, summary filters in the list page, form section, overview section, standard entity field captions, promoted and side menu dashboards, and categories in forms will now be changed to the preferred language.

    53995, 54513, 54514, 54722
  • Stream with AnyEmail as Toaddress will get qualified for empty inbound to-email address.

  • Raw incoming email does not allow anonymous anymore. Now they should have tokens.


What’s improved?

  • Added email integration to support French text.


What’s fixed?

  • Error while selecting multiple values for EntityLookUp field of Multivalue List.

  • If notes do not contain body text, they appeared as blank in the timeline. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed issues relating to errors in dashboards regarding add notes.

  • Issues relating to opening multiple levels of links when we have the same data list view.

  • Issues relating to top navigation history is fixed.
  • Incoming email integration if the content contains only plain text is shown as undefined. This is now fixed.

  • Minor bug fixes.