March (4.0.23030.4)

New features

  • When a new entity is added to an investigation, there is a possibility of a link between existing linked entities and the new one. Users can now interlink these entities easily while adding the new entity using the ‘Add multiple links’ option.
  • While importing, we have introduced an option to save your mapping information. The next time you import data, the saved mapping can be accessed so that you do not have to map every time.
  • Previously a single or specific user can be assigned a case via automation. But now, a group of users can be assigned. Depending on the assignee type, cases will be assigned either to all qualifying users based on organization/role/ matching fields on a particular entity or using the least loaded method, or the round-robin allocation method.
  • Users were allowed to specify a color for only second-level links which are now extended to third-level links (Using dynamic tile API) as well.
  • ‘View forms’ in the dashboard now have the ability to add details of two or more entities and establish links between them.
  • Admins can now download dashboards.
  • Dashboard – Mini-table Customizations; Users can select the color-based fields to be displayed in the mini-table. Users can select a field that needs to be displayed in the status column of the mini table.


  • API integration for raw incoming email support.
  • Hash calculations for Attachments that were previously limited only to media.
  • API to create a workspace and upload a PBIX file specific to the workspace which will be delivered to the customers during template installation.
  • Ability to add and change views while editing the mini table in the dashboard.
  • Rename the value-list items via CSV; Previously while renaming values via CSV, it was misinterpreted as a new value and not a change to the existing value. Features have been updated to solve this issue.

Bug fixes

  • Package configurations can now be easily installed and uninstalled without any issues.
  • Multi-select fields can now be used as a filter in dashboards.
  • Users can view the actual name of the linked entity instead of the ‘Link’ in the grid view in the links section of the details page.
  • Minor bug fixes.