March R2 (4.0.23032.9)

What’s new?

  • Azure Form Recognizer now analyzes documents internally directly from the stream, instead of uploading the stream to a blob container. (URI)
  • Inbound Stream can now be configured using roles for from address and fallback address. If the role is specified, it would be used, else any one role should be available for that particular user.

What’s improved?

  • Colors have been added to the bubble chart in the mini table for a better viewing experience.

What’s fixed?

  • Issues created due to differences in the text case of headers in CSVs.
  • Entity lookups not getting loaded during 1^st^-time setup. This is now resolved.
  • Issues with multiple expression filters.
  • If automation rules with entity lookup values are given, first-time setup in the modeling tool will not have any issues now.
  • Minor bug fixes.