February (4.0.23021.3)

New features

  • Now, assigning single or specific users to a case or an entry can be done via automation. Either new users can be added or replaced with existing assigned ones.  Depending on the assignee type which includes the current user, organizational default user, other users, user from field data, and current users’ manager cases can be assigned.
  • Customer-specific documentation which will be delivered with the product app package.


  • Extended extensibility support for Search bars/ options.
  • Dropdown values of a field are expressed as IDs instead of their original value. This is now updated to show the original value instead of the ID.
  • Demo tiles were opened on a separate tab earlier which can now be opened on the same tab.
  • In the details view, the organization’s name of the user will appear below the case name which was not previously available.  

Bug fixes

  • Issues with the date time field while importing JSON.
  • Minor bug fixes.