January (4.0.23012.0)

New features

  • Users can now merge entities in the details view in addition to the list view. To help the user, all the linked entities are given under Merge suggestions.
  • In addition to importing via UI, we now have import via API calling for an easy and hassle-free import.
  • Configurations introduced to specify user information for reporting NCMEC reports.
  • The user can now specify the default entity.


  • Configurations for smooth installation and uninstallation of templates.
  • Configurations to reflect the changes made via UI as well as platform, custom, or templates.
  • Downloads will no longer be loaded with junk data while downloading entities with links.
  • Errors in saving when no changes have been made in Assign and Unassign.
  • Restricted users will no longer be able to view a value list item by flagging an entry.
  • The time-zone field getting stored inappropriately as it is a non-mandatory field while filling up a form is resolved.
  • Access rights issue for deleted users. Data access is restricted.
  • Errors while using the search on entity type, value list, and other admin pages in hybrid mode.

Bug fixes

  • Issues related to Value list items.
  • Unwanted logs in log entries.
  • Issues in sending invite emails after creating an instance. Users can receive emails once again.
  • Multi-value list datatype from text to long text to support the model.
  • Issues in a yes/no field that results in the disappearance of a previous value chosen field.
  • Issues in FieldExpression evaluator to support Json message body replacements.
  • Sync service bugs.
  • Issues in incoming email stream. Now there will not be any problem in encoding and decoding mauri characters.
  • Admin section Default User setting errors.
  • Issues with special characters in Email integration.
  • Unwanted fields in Create organizations forms.
  • Issues related to the System Status list page.
  • Failures occurred while running “All test case”.
  • Issues related to setting link names while importing spreadsheets.
  • Extended the IsDefaultParent functionality from supporting one entity to multiple entities.
  • Adjusted the comma functionality in synonyms.
  • The decimal values and whole numbers you type in your forms will stay the same. It will not get converted.
  • Users must have faced errors due to creating field names with the names of entities and vice versa. We have added a validation message to avoid this error while naming them.
  • Minor bug fixes