December (4.0.22120.3)

New features  

  • Users can access the settings and fields of an entity, filter, sort, edit, and make changes easily on the entity type page.
  • Dashboard creation made easy: Users can create their dashboards, modify, and make changes.
  • Added dynamic support for changing layouts, where the user can make changes in layouts using entity action settings.


  • Admin section of the entity type page.
  • Updated the latest LEAWS schema from NECMEC.
  • Spacing issues in multivalue list items.
  • Minor issues in multi-combo box. Additionally, while editing the forms, users can edit the values in the multi-combo box as well.

Bug fixes

  • Team dashboard filters.
  • Time zone field errors. Now the user’s time zone will get properly converted to UTC zone.
  • While creating an entity field through the platform, if it is prefixed with HubUI, a validation message has been set to avoid errors.
  • Removed store procedures and added dynamic support sequel generation.
  • Minor bug fixes.