Veganburger Menu

The menu in Hubstream is comprised of 5 sections.

The menu, or veganburger menu as we like to call it, can be customized in a few different ways. To remove sections, append the code below to CSS files in the Hubstream application. To address the content within the sections, the model needs modification.

The promoted dashboards come with a few options.

  1. Add links to specific dashboards
  2. Change the images to any of the shipped images
  3. Add a custom image

And now for the code

The file you need to modify is


    "Icon": "default_1.svg",
    "Name": "User",
    "Caption": "User Dashboard",
    "Color": "#FFCC00",
    "Promoted":  true
    "Icon": "default_2.svg",
    "Name": "Team",
    "Caption": "Team Dashboard",
    "Color": "#FFFFFF",
    "Promoted": true

Reports List

On more …


The history is automatically populated, and cannot be turned off. A minor code change would be required to enable this.

Jump To!

This section can only be turned on or off. To use the nav, users need to enter the ID number of the object and click enter.