Known Issue Refreshing the browser currently drops the breadcrumb. It’s a functional breadcrumb Most breadcrumbs are hierarchical. This breadcrumb is functional. Because there are so many ways to get to an object, we show where you’ve come from vs standard site map breadcrumbs. Navigating a list For people who review things as a task, the breadcrumb can act as an accelerator. You can see the entity above and below, as well as the list length. »

Side Navigation

Navigation to Dashboards, Reports and all things Navigation to dashboards has two primary locations. The left-nav, which pops out, and is customizable on every page. And here’s the JSON Each dashboard has a SideMenuelement. Inside there is an [array] of items. You can change the Icon& Caption. The Nameproperty must match the name of the target dashboard. { "MenuItems": [ { "Icon": "th", "Name": "User", "Caption": "User Dashboard", "Parent": true }, { "Icon": "th", "Name": "Team", "Caption": "Team Dashboard" } ], "TileType": "SideMenu", "IsFixed": true, "IsResizable": false }, »

Veganburger Menu

The menu, or veganburger menu as we like to call it, can be customized in a few different ways. To remove sections, append the codebelow to CSS files in the Hubstream application. To address the content within the sections, the model needs modification. Promoted dashboards To turn off promoted dashboards completely .dashImageHolder { display: none; }or for only one theme .dashImageHolder { display:none; } The promoted dashboards come with a few options. »