Getting Started

Creating a hub

1. Sign-up

Sign up, and walk through the process at the below link.

To create a on-premise, or hybrid Hubstream, contact us at Hubstream Sales.

2. Choose a ‘Starter Template’

You can learn more about Starter Templates in The Vault. Starter templates are best-practices from the field. You can modify them further to fit your organization, or just use the best-in-class functionality out of the box.

3. Add-on functionality

Extending Hubstream is easy in a few ways. One of the ways is by using The Vault to find add-on templates.

4. Load your first set of data

Start with our spreadsheets, or map your own. the easiest way is to use our “Getting Started” dashboard - the home page of your new instance. You should see your dashboards start to fill up with information, and actions.

5. Invite your coworkers

Again, on your “Getting Started” page, you should see an option to “Invite your team.” Assign them some work!